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Taeri, the Forest Spirit

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Taeri, the Forest Spirit

E L I Z A's Waifu Warehouse
55 ratings

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  • FBT Ready
  • 5 Outfits you can mix and match.
  • 4 Body Textures (one for each season)
  • Each outfit has multiple textures
  • Smooth transitions between texture changes.
  • Cherry Blossom Throw Joint
  • Small Deer follower
  • Random Ear Flicks
  • Tail Wag Idle Animation
  • Dynamic Bones set up(you must import your copy of dynamic bones)
  • Custom Icons
  • Custom AFK Animation
  • Substance Painter Files Included
  • 2 Yellow Rating Options
  • 4 Green Rating Options


Terms Of Service

By purchasing this item you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of service.

  • Under no circumstances can this item be uploaded as a public avatar in VRChat or any virtual reality game.
  • Under no circumstances may you sell derivative work of this item. This includes recolours part swapping and full outfit and base.
  • Under no circumstances may you redistribute this item.
  • Under no circumstances are you to port onto any game that you plan to profit from.
  • This model can be used for commercial vtubing, such as: Recording, livestreaming, events and promotional material
  • Failure to adhere to terms of service may result in fines and legal action.

Set Up Guide

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