Yuka [Free VRChat Avatar: GOOD & MEDIUM RATINGS]

144 ratings

Yuka, a free VRChat avatar by ElizaByteVR.

This model is PC Only. It is not quest compatible.

TOS: https://terms.elizacg.com/

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  • Phys Bones
  • Hue Shift for Personalization
  • Inclusive Skin Texture Settings
  • MMD & ARKit Shape keys
  • Ear Flicks & Tail Wags
  • Toggles: Ears, Tail, Shirt, Pants, Shoes. (Model is SFW)
  • Dance Sync System:
    • When 1 Yuka dances, all Yuka's dance.
    • Instant Flash Mobs
  • Grabbable Spear
  • Green and Medium Upload Packages
  • NEW!!! - Dab Counter! Count how many Dabs you can do!! Dab on your friends! Dab on your enemies! The sky is the limit!! (actually 9999 is the limit)


How To Upload

  • Create a new VRChat Creator Companion Avatar Project. VCC Download
  • Import the latest version of FREE Poiyomi Shader. Poi Shader Download
  • Import Yuka's Unity Package from Gumroad.
  • Open the VRChat SDK Control Panel and press "Build & Publish for Windows"

Terms of Use

  • By downloading this asset you are receiving a license to use personally and commercially, without the ability to redistribute.
  • This asset cannot be redistributed in any form. Please direct users interested in this asset to this webpage.
  • You can use this asset on commercial live streams, events, and video promotions.
  • You may upload public derivative works of this model on to VRChat as long as the "Eliza" information remains in the radial menu.
  • You must credit ElizaByteVR and link to this website or ElizaCG.com when you use this assets for commercial purposes including but not limited to: streaming, derivative works, video promotions, etc...
  • Private/personal use does not need to credit.
  • Failure to follow these terms may result in legal action and fees.

Change Log

  • v1.2 - 03/30/2023
    • Resolved issue with Tongue vertices being misplaced.
    • Resolved weight paint issue on bikini bottom.
    • Added a Dab Counter on a new scene called "Yuka-Dab Counter"
  • v1.1 - 03/21/2023
    • Resolved an issue with miscalculated normals
    • Added Blend File
  • v1.0 - 03/20/2023
    • Initial Release
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Yuka [Free VRChat Avatar: GOOD & MEDIUM RATINGS]

144 ratings
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